Subpar Miniature Golf

1. What is a Subpar Miniature Golf?

Subpar is an indoor adventure golf experience, with 18-holes of mini-golf play and an arcade, chipping net, dining area and party facilities. Opening in Alameda, there isn't a similar place for miles and miles and miles. Also- miles.

2. You know what Subpar means, right?

We are aware that subpar usually implies something that is not quite up to snuff. This is us not taking ourselves too seriously. Being below par in golf is a positive thing, so the silly name works in our case. And only our case.

3. Oh great, another big chain forcing its way into our nice family community.

Actually, despite our fancy logo implying otherwise, this location will be the first and only location of Subpar Miniature Golf. The business is being started with this location, and has no parent company. The business owner is even writing this FAQ on the website he made. This is a small business!

4. What are you thinking, opening a business in THIS economy?

I think people are ready to start moving again, and the economy is picking itself up. Recent news shows that spending in entertainment places is on the rise, so there's also that. There's nothing like a little optimism, right?

5. Why Alameda, and why Park Street?

Alameda is a safe family community in the Bay Area, and our business hopes to thrive on visits from people of all ages. I've spent many an afternoon on Park Street since living in the area and thought it could use a few more activity-oriented businesses. Then we found the perfect space. The rest is just history.

6. There is NO parking on Park Street. I'm just noticing that irony now- you can't park on...anyway my question is about parking.

We are really encouraging the use of the Oak Street garage, and will be refunding 2 hours of parking from your golf with the receipt from the garage- at the city's request, but we were only too happy to oblige. Its just a good idea.

7. What is going on behind that papered wall? I think I'll just walk on in. Or at least I'm going to peek in through the mail slot there.

Constructiony things. Right now, it's painting and floor resurfacing while we wait for our building permit to clear the building department. But please don't just walk onto our construction site. It's not really safe. Peek through the mail slot if you must.

8. Who is building the thing?

All Alameda County residents. Our project manager is Martin Sweet, although you probably know him better as that passionate shop teacher from Alameda High. The course was designed by Jacob Cohen, Oakland resident and longtime friend of the business owner. Michael Taft, also an Oakland resident, is the principal owner of Subpar Entertainment LLC, is helping on the project management and course design front. All three of us are working on the site nearly every day. The rest of the Subpar Elite Build Team consists of friends and local craftspersons.

9. When are you opening? Are you still "Coming January 2012"?

The date is looking more and more like late February or early March. Issues we've had with getting our plans submitted, and a backlog of permits to review for the City of Alameda. Also, this building is requiring a bit more work to get into ship shape than we expected. But we've got a great team, and we promise the place will be hardly recognizable as the Video Maniacs of old.

10. Can I get a job there?

We will be hiring- just not yet. We don't want to hire anyone until we have a firm start date. Pay attention to the website and the Facebook page for job listings- we will not be reading resumes until that listing shows up.

11. Can I book my child's birthday party? Like right now?

Again, not until we have a firm start date. We are very excited about all of the requests we've been getting! But we just don't want to make any promises we can't keep. We will have a party area for accomodating small parties of up to 25 people, but for larger groups, you will need to book the entire facility for your event. Rates are dependant on time of day and day of the week. Booking the events will be done over the phone once our opening date is known.

12. Can I book my company team building experience?

See question 11.

13. Will there be food on site?

We have negotiated to have food delivered from our partners across Park Street. Further details will be available once menus emerge.

14. Will there be alcohol on site?

Not initially. We want to get a feel for how our business fits in with the community before we add alcohol to the equation. If we do eventually, it will only be beer and wine, and only in the evening hours.

15. Sounds great. Are you looking for investors?

We are. If you want in on this GOLD MINE- we can present you with our full business plan. Send your request to and we'll talk. Have your people call my people. We'll do lunch.

16. Who is that happy family on your website?

They are the picturesque members of the first family result on an istockphoto search for miniature golf. Once we have completed facilities, we'll replace these pictures with shots of equally picturesque Alameda families having a blast at our space.


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